Complete Woman – “Up Close & Personal with Max Ryan” – June/July 2010

Complete Woman - Max Ryan Interview(From Complete Woman Magazine, June/July 2010, page 13.)

Click here for a PDF of the original article, which ran as a supplement to my feature story, “What is he thinking?!”

Getting Intimate with Sex and the City 2’s Max Ryan

English-born Max Ryan plays Rikard, a hunky European architect who crosses paths with Samantha Jones in the upcoming Sex & The City 2, in theaters this May. The role is a major departure from Ryan’s previous roles in action films such as Kiss of the Dragon, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Death Race. We caught up with Ryan (who you can learn more about at or follow on Twitter at for his thoughts on family, career, and relationships.

On his first crush. “Her name was Lisa and I was probably about eight years old. She had long brown hair. We kind of became boyfriend and girlfriend, but at that age, what is it? It was my first love and it was fantastic, you know, cute and innocent and we never really knew what was going on between the pair of us.”

On being cast in Sex and the City 2. I wanted to do something different, like a romantic comedy, instead of being killed or playing these really heavy, nasty characters. That’s not really me—I’m really an uplifting, smiley person. So when my manager came to me with Sex and the City 2, I just said, ‘Okay!’ The rest is history.”

On his family’s reaction to the news. “My mother was absolutely freaking out, loving it. When we were shooting the movie, I brought my parents over to visit. When the customs officer asked “Why are you here in the United States?” my mother said proudly, “Well, our son is in Sex and the City,” and the customs officer started telling everyone. Soon the entire American customs area was cheering for them—it was just incredible.”

On working with the SATC2 cast and creating his character, Rikard. “The ladies have been doing this for years, they have their characters down, and there’s a lot of force there to be reckoned with, so it was a challenge. It certainly wasn’t easy. But when I read the lines written by Mr. King (director Michael Patrick King), my personality really came through. I think it all came together to create something unique.”

On Sex and the City’s portrayal of relationships between men and women. “Since I’ve been watching Sex and the City, it’s actually made me more intuitive about the opposite sex. It’s helped me personally in my own life and if you want to get deep about it, I think it‘s saved a lot of relationships. I believe all men should watch and learn how a woman ticks. It’s really true to life.”

How he describes his Complete Woman. “Best friend, great lover, great mother, loves animals, and a lot of patience. A lot of patience. [laughs] I’m like any man, I adore women. I think behind every good man there’s a very, very strong woman. A man needs a woman to help him keep on track, help him through the good, bad and the ugly. I think I’ve had that and I blew it. You know, I’m 43 and I’ve missed a few opportunities. If I’d watched Sex and the City sooner I think I’d be married by now.”

How women he’s dated would describe him. “It depends on what era of my life. [laughs] I would say motivated, focused, but I may have some kind of attention disorder when focusing my energies on a relationship. I think most of the women I’ve dated left me because I’ve been careless to some degree. When you’re an actor, and building your career, there are a lot of sacrifices you have to make. But I think it’s going to be really interesting to see what happens next in my personal life.”

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