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"Gross Anatomy" - Bicycling Magazine

“Gross Anatomy” – Bicycling Magazine

(Cover feature from Bicycling Magazine, March 2012, page 66) Our beautiful sport can occasionally give rise to ugly sores, festering boils, and assorted creepy-crawlies. Here’s how to avoid the horror show. Click here to read the full article online (repackaged as the slideshow “Treat Cycling’s Grossest Medical Mishaps”)

Breckenridge Magazine - "The Dirty Dozen"

Breckenridge Magazine – “The Dirty Dozen”

(From Breckenridge Magazine, Summer 2011, page 37) It’s 10:35 p.m. on a Saturday night at Breckenridge Brewpub and the randy tourist crowd is looking sluggish, worn down by a solvent of mountain air and ethanol. I’m sitting alone at a booth seat near the bar, looking like a buffoon with my sampler platter of every […]

Breckenridge Magazine - "Riding With Giants"

Breckenridge Magazine – “Riding With Giants”

(Cover Feature from Breckenridge Magazine, Summer 2011, page 40) I’ll admit it: Every time summer, I spend an inappropriate amount of time checking out men’s legs. Why, you (and my wife) ask? I’m looking for greatness. It’s not just the tell-tale shaving nicks around the knees or Lycra-induced tan lines. Those are common signs of […]