Breckenridge Magazine – “Riding With Giants”

(Cover Feature from Breckenridge Magazine, Summer 2011, page 40)

I’ll admit it: Every time summer, I spend an inappropriate amount of time checking out men’s legs. Why, you (and my wife) ask? I’m looking for greatness. It’s not just the tell-tale shaving nicks around the knees or Lycra-induced tan lines. Those are common signs of a professional mountain biker, but not all greatness is sanctioned and sponsored. No, I’m looking for the cut of the riders’ calves, those mosaics of triangular muscles, chiseled by the boulder-field climbs and hip drops. In Breckenridge, I see those legs everywhere—on man, woman, and child.

If, like me, you spend the summer months looking for mountain bike greatness, you’ve come to the right place… Click here to continue reading online

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