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Like most creative professionals for hire, one career is not enough. In addition to freelance writing and web design, I also blog, write undercover service evaluations for restaurants and retail stores, create online dating service profiles for the terminally modest, and guest lecture to graduate students about freelancing, social media and marketing.  I’m even an ordained reverend that specializes in officiating non-traditional and interfaith wedding ceremonies.

At bare minimum, I’m a Freelance Writer Designer Secret Shopper Social Media Consultant Blogger Landlord Reverend of the Universal Life Church.

My business cards are ginormous!

Language and form are the unifying factors in my work. Whether speaking, writing, editing, designing or consulting, well-placed ideas and words are the products I peddle.

Here are a few examples:

  • Writing editorial, service, and event copy for print and web publications
  • Copywriting, email, newsletters and advertorial for corporations, non-profits and small businesses
  • Editing, consulting and ghost-writing on your own writing projects
  • Designing custom themes for WordPress blogs and assisting with platform migrations
  • Designing blog-based book platforms for writers
  • Consulting, speaking and guest lecturing on social media marketing
  • Writing and officiating wedding ceremonies, especially for non-traditional or interfaith couples
  • Writing online dating service profiles
  • [Fill in the blank here—what can a wordsmith/web geek do for you?]

Please contact me for additional information about pricing estimates, scheduling requests, and any other questions. Please email me at or fill out the contact form below.

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5 responses to “My Services”

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  2. Gutsy Writer

    I just found you via an award you gave to “blogging ’bout boys.” After reading your bio, I thought I have to write to you, as there are many common interests. My family and I moved to Belize from CA and I’m finishing a memoir. We’re back in CA now but I’m off to volunteer with a group of 12 nurses in Hopkins Village, Belize in October. Love to travel, weight training, speak several languages, including French, as I lived in Paris, growing up. Look forward to reading more.

  3. Ron S. Doyle

    Very nice to meet you, GutsyWriter! Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to pursue our common interests, lately, what with two tiny children, a dying mother, grad school, my freelance career, and, um… global warming?

    Okay, okay, I’m making excuses. Now that you’re here I have a good reason to write (and therefore live) out those dreams listed in my bio. So, thanks and welcome!

  4. Lisa Moore

    I can personally attest to your fantastic skills as a wedding officiant! We still have people comment on our wedding ceremony – the uniqueness and how absolutely funny and insightful our officiant was (that of course, being you, Ron Doyle!). Our friends and family have told us that it was absolutely the best wedding ceremony in terms of how nontraditional it was, while keeping with the theme of marriage. I highly edorse you as a writer and as a wedding officiant.