RonDoyle-Manger-Sept2012-350px-squareRon Doyle writes. And records, edits, produces, strategizes, designs, develops—it’s a veritable gallimaufry of verbs in my office.

My editorial writing can be found in publications like Bicycling, Westword, Draft, Mountain Bike, Complete Woman, and Breckenridge Magazine. I produce content for consumer, trade and custom publications, newspapers, educational institutions and small business clients. Editors call my work “refreshingly funny” and “a different take on the usual boring.”

I’m the Creative Director of Waterday Media, a multimedia production and marketing company. I help other creative professionals develop their digital brand strategy, manage their social media and web marketing campaigns, build web portfolios of their work, create platforms and media kits for their book proposals,  grow their blogging audience and take their craft to the next level. Clients say I’m a “great collaborator at a reasonable price,” “a unique package of skills” and “much more than a designer.”

My design work has been featured in publications such as Fast Company’s Co.Create and on dozens of websites across the Internet. My audio production work has been featured on Colorado Public Radio and I produce the award-winning The Narrators, the podcast companion to the popular live storytelling show in Denver, Colorado. I also produce The Unicorn, a podcast where comedians talk about about sex and relationships, and I am the former co-host and executive producer of the Denver Diatribe, voted Denver’s best podcast in 2010.

When I’m not doing all of the above, I also work as an editor for companies such as Nordea Bank. You could say I keep busy.

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